Executive transport


      Executive transport service has a full logistics support to protect you during your stay in the host country not only for executive business people, but also tourists, political, religious or celebrities. The service is performed in armored or conventional vehicle. Both services have an expert driver and constantly updated courses defensive and evasive driving; and advanced tools to respond adequately under exigent circumstances and assist customers if required first aid. In addition, the vehicles have an entire operational logistics support such as GPS tracking devices, monitored from an operating room 24 hours 365 days a year; These racking devices are for both vehicles and people.

      In addition, these vehicles have radios, satellite telephone, equipment safety and survival first aid kit, to react to any incident. Finally all or conventional armored service, executive transport has the backing of a transport unit that operates 24 hours immediate assistance in case of emergency.


      In Enkelson INC Security the armored vehicle is a high security transport that ensures physical integrity of the VIP and the driver to potential threats of firearms. Our units have armor level III, with pieces of ballistic steel, the original windows were replaced with laminated glass armored tab ballistic steel high strength and excellent high quality using float glass laminated with polyurethane and polycarbonates in order to achieve resistance ballistic necessary with a certain thickness, acting as a
cover to protect the vehicle. In addition to the armored vehicle is a capsule client protection in case of threat, our operations involve vehicular movement in each support 24/7 monitoring room. Both the client and our operators have access in real time to know the exact location of the vehicle and customer during the service. This vehicle is equipped with all the necessary logistics communications and first aid and pneumatic systems (Run Flat Tire System) lets you move even when they have been impacted. Finally, our operations involve immediate emergency unit 24 hours a day in case of any incident.

     Each armored vehicle is driven by an expert driver, bilingual or not bilingual, from security agencies or private company with high expertise in backup to physical and personal integrity. Our armored vehicles are from 2015-2016. This service is ideal for companies, executives, celebrities, political leaders and other individuals that need a safe and reliable transportation.


      The rental of conventional vehicles is directed to executive transfers, tourists and families requiring travel to any city within the countries where we operate. These vehicles have the same logistical and security support, monitoring 24 hours a day and immediate response. In addition, our experienced drivers are trained to react appropriately to any incident. These are luxury vehicles of the year, 4×4, 4×2; Executive Vans, Minibuses executives.