The daily reality on the street of the main capitals of the world is very critical, South and Central America do not escape this. Express, virtual, political and economic kidnapping grows day by day in countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, or Colombia. This coupled with weak judicial systems (judges, prisons, police, prosecutors) makes the reality of the citizen or business executive who travels the streets of any city vulnerable. It is at these times that it is very valuable to have a basic knowledge of how to react to the threat.

In Enkelson security our security experts provide that special, easy and quick training of the basic steps to react to a motorized person who wants to stop the vehicle, or group of vehicles that threaten him to the same end. Our experts in defensive and evasive driving courses receive permanent training and training in the best academies in the world; At the same time, we have a logistics and technological resources that allow us to do a defensive or offensive management or kidnap prevention training in the most didactic and pedagogical way. Our defensive and evasive driving instructors are internationally certified and you as a student will also be certified once one of our courses is successfully completed.

The elusive driving course is designed to improve the vehicle control skills of licensed drivers at any level of experience. The student learns about the dynamics of the vehicle and the importance of understanding the "language of the vehicle." This is achieved through realistic exercises such as the straight emergency line (Threshold) of braking, braking-in-turns, serpentine, slip pad, effect-to avoid, and off-road recoveries.

The defensive and evasive driving student will also learn about the use of fixing the view in which he wants the vehicle to go. Vehicle control skills will apply to the technical driving required by the student to read and negotiate a form of high speed roads with chase. The driver will be taught how to use the vehicle as a means of escape or as a weapon for survival.

Instructors in defensive and evasive driving strive to ensure that each student will learn the use of emergency backup and turns "Y" and "J", precision intervention technique (PIT), barricade breach (RAM), driver down (driving passenger side) and how to recognize an attack. Students learn what a car is capable of and, most importantly, its own limits. We will emphasize the importance of being mentally prepared in order to be able to react. The training met through realistic situational exercises where the student comes in different types of attacks and faces the challenge of reacting.

Day 1

- Course Introduction.
- Detailed summary of each of the points that will be given in the course.
- Vehicle Inspection.
- Watch videos of failed missions during Executive transfers
- Conduct training scenarios
- Detection of surveillance devices.
- Executive Protection.
- Summary.

Day 2

- Vehicle dynamics.
- Serpentine driving course.
- ABS braking techniques.
- Reverse handling, 180 degree turns and J turn
- Simulations of attacks.
- High speed laps and braking maneuvers.
- Deviate to avoid (anti-ambush and exercise to avoid accidents)
- Evasive persuasion.
- Evasion of accidents.
- Emergency braking techniques.