At Enkelson Security Inc. we have private and corporate research experts, who have training and experience in state and / or private entities, as well as ongoing national and international training in everything related to monitoring, surveillance, infiltration, document analysis, backup techniques of the site of the event, interview and interrogation intelligence and against intelligence. At the same time, our expert researchers have a series of technological and logistic resources that accelerate and do this professional, objective and evidence-based work. This, together with our sources of information in all the countries of the region, allows us to compromise our reputation in the face of any investigation. of a financial nature, intellectual property, private, corporate, labor, background check. Each of our services and especially research demand a lot of discretion and trust, hence in this we pay maximum attention and confidentiality and secret agreements are signed.

The crime of counterfeiting trademarks, especially in the pharmaceutical world, has become one of the most attractive illegal businesses for criminal organization networks. There, our research professionals have been working together with researchers from neighboring countries to work together to prevent and suppress this serious crime where the victim is often a seriously ill patient who is investing money to improve his health but perversely the fake networks of medicine have adulterated labels and the product often causing the death of this innocent person.


• Pre-employment research
• Employee investigations
• Due diligence for banks and law firms
• Theft investigations
• Business Intelligence
• Unfair competition
• Against espionage
• Product counterfeit and label
• Brand property
• Counterfeit medicine
• Insurance claims