The situation currently in the region of Central and South America, where much of the raw material is found worldwide - which attracts the attention of global corporations - but at the same time there is a high level of political, social and economic instability ; It makes it difficult for leaders of these corporations to make decisions. Hence, it is very important for these corporations to foresee from a risk analysis where risk is recognized, classified and prevented; until the adoption of comprehensive security involving personal protectors and armored vehicles; until the elaboration of evacuation plans that allow you and your personnel, information and goods to leave safe in case of any natural, political, financial or physical emergency situation.

At Enkelson Security our risk analysts, and experts in evacuation plans; They are prepared and trained for this purpose. In the event of a natural or political emergency where your security is threatened; We have a whole network of information analysis, planning, logistics, immediate response and procedures that will make your transfer to a safe place quickly, easily and safely in times of adversity.

The evacuation plan specialist studies on a case-by-case basis, considers all the variables, of people, things and information that are required to prioritize in case of applying the evacuation plan. Step by step it is analyzed with the client from his health condition, call list, addresses, to documents and essential items. Drills are conducted that allow us to be mentally conditioned and logistically tested for emergency capacity.

Feel free to contact us and discuss any questions or questions about this important and sensitive issue. Our staff of experts in evacuation plan with professionalism, transparency, experience and constant training will know how to answer each question and offer the best option with greater security and less risk in the event of any eventuality.